The Numinous Forces of the Spirt-World: Healing Shamanic Journeys, Tuesday 1/21/20

Everyday our actions, thoughts and feelings are a direct result of the numinous movements of our powerful unconscious; the energetic doldrums originating in the spirit-world.

Embarking on prayerful, psychic journeys with the aid of our spirit helpers through the ancient practice of shamanic journeying allows us to authentically experience the forces that inform our waking consciousness. It allows us understand the nature of our soul’s myth; to feel more deeply and better articulate our unique, personal truth.

This is my wish for us at our monthly gatherings. I look forward to sharing space and gaining insight with you this Tuesday and every third Tuesday of the month.

Healing Shamanic Journeys with David Edward

Tuesday, 1/21/20, 6:30pm

Web Of Life Animist Church, Tucson, AZ

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All are welcome. No drum journeying experience is necessary.

Donations of $7-$20 are requested.