Reviving the Sacred

In the name of all that is holy and sacred, I greet you and honor you on our blessed journey on this blessed planet.

Perhaps no subject in our culture has been as obscured and manipulated by propaganda as the truth about the lifeway (and spiritual orientation-they are so interconnected) of our Animist Ancestors. What we can truly know is the space that the spiritual practice of animism can fulfill in our calamitous lives, and the salvation gifted us by forming relationships and bonds with natural phenomenon, our living family-and our conscious route to God/Goddess, the divine.

The world of nature extends to the realm of consciousness which we also inhabit in spirit form. In nature, our spirit family abides- a multi-tiered reality that communicates on a frequency less of the mind, but of the heart. Yet it’s intelligence is more likened to super-consciousness, offering us the gifts of guidance and healing when we actively respect its sanctity. Our spirit family is just that-our family. Once our closest bond, our orientation to nature has been skewed without our knowledge or consent. Animism is our rightful heritage-once we strip away the lies and misinformation, we see a lifeway that invigorates us to our very core, a path back into the garden.

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