EVENT:Back To The Garden-Time Travel Journeys

A monthly Drum Journey Circle offering at Tucson’s Institute For Shamanic Arts

Santa Cruz River by Margarethe Brummermann

Santa Cruz River, photo by Margarethe Brummermann

For aeons, our planet flowered in resplendent harmony. Vibrating to the cyclical rhythms of nature, a powerful resonance was established, ingraining sacred patterns and psychic currents that we can still perceive today. As animists, we long to commune with the consciousness of this divine Earth in her natural state; to join minds with our ancient Ancestors who lived as one with Her. It’s easier than you think-the “real” world waits just outside the borders of this synthesized reality, inviting us back into our true home.

Casting off the constraints of time and space, we will free our souls to soar above the millions of virgins acres of wilderness; energize our astral bodies in the pristine waters of the valley of Chuk-son, evade predators and dodge arrows -instead of psychic bullets from the binary mouthpiece of a mad “civilization”. Our intention is not to escape, but go deeper into the world – cultivating a sane, grounded perspective of our current reality.

Join me as we give offerings of love, honor and respect to our Great Mother, and reawaken to her nurturance, her unwavering adoration and perfect protection of our human spirits that exists throughout eternity.

3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:30pm. $5-20 (sliding scale) requested donation.

Web Of Life Animist Church

2016 E Broadway Blvd. · Tucson, Az

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